Why Do I Need a Smart Thermostat?

Standard thermostats and their high-tech counterparts help you manage your indoor climate and comfort.

You set the desired temperature. Your thermostat sends the information to your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Your furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner springs into action and works until it achieves the temperature you’ve set.

Both standard and smart thermostats give you control over your heating and cooling needs, but the similarity between the devices ends there. 

Thermostats that go beyond the basics deliver control and convenience, energy-saving capabilities, and temperature data.

Installing a smart thermostat in your home will enhance your comfort and change how you deal with your HVAC system.

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Thermostats and Convenience

Standard thermostats stress the basics over convenience. They may give you a few preset temperature buttons and filter change reminders, but you must be physically present to take advantage of those options. Every time you change temperatures in your home, you must touch the buttons on the device.

Something as simple as lowering the temperature at night becomes a major inconvenience when you are in bed. If you forget to change temperature settings before leaving your house for the day, you will waste money heating or cooling an empty house unless you return home and adjust the thermostat.

Programmable thermostats that do not interface with your Wi-Fi are a step above standard models. They allow you to program a temperature schedule in four-hour increments every day of the week. That relieves you of the hassle of manually adjusting the thermostat when you want changes.

Wi-Fi–enabled thermostats and smart thermostats offer the ultimate convenience. You control your thermostat from anywhere—from your couch, your bedroom, at work, or around the world—through an app downloaded to your smartphone or tablet. Never again will you leave your warm bed to change the temperature in your home. Keep your smartphone within reach and dial up or down from under the covers.

High-Tech Thermostats Save Energy

Thermostats that work off Wi-Fi are programmable and often include geofencing. Geofencing uses the global positioning system (GPS) on your phone to detect when you are leaving or nearing your home and adjusts the temperature accordingly.

A smart thermostat learns your comfort preferences, schedule, and at-home behaviors. It automatically adjusts temperature settings to save energy and deliver the heating and cooling you want. You do not have to program a temperature schedule.

According to ENERGY STAR®you can reduce your heating and cooling bills by 8 percent annually with a smart thermostat that carries the ENERGY STAR label.

Smart Thermostats Deliver Data

High-tech thermostats offer much more than just the ability to adjust the temperature in your home. Some smart thermostats provide weather forecasts, display outdoor and indoor temperatures in addition to the humidity level, track energy use, run system diagnostics, and tell you when to change your HVAC system’s air filter.

Some smart thermostats respond to voice commands, can be used to communicate with others using a smart home platform, and can stream music through Bluetooth speakers.

Data helps you make smart decisions about energy use that will lead to savings on utility bills.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

Gain improved control, convenience, and energy savings with a smart thermostat. Let Bryant Northwest connect you with an authorized dealer through our online link.