How to Prevent Your Heat Pump From Breaking Down

You want to keep cool this summer—but that can’t happen if your home’s heat pump breaks down. To ensure your comfort, take proper care of your heating and cooling equipment.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the difference between the amount of energy a well-maintained heat pump and a severely neglected heat pump uses ranges from 10 to 25 percent. Maintaining your equipment ensures it remains energy efficient and helps you reduce your energy use and bills, so you can keep more money in your pocket!

Take action and reduce the risk of having a problem with your heat pump. Enjoy having peace of mind knowing you’ll always return to a comfortable home no matter how hot it gets outdoors.

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Tips to Support Your Heat Pump This Summer

Here are some suggestions that can help you prevent your heat pump from breaking down unexpectedly:

  • Never miss a maintenance visit: The best way to keep your heat pump running efficiently and cooling your home all summer long is by scheduling a maintenance visit in the spring. Doing so ensures your system works when the weather gets warmer outside.
     It’s never too late to schedule your professional maintenance visit—if you forgot, be sure to do so now to prevent future problems before they start or progress!
  • Don’t forget about your air filter: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding how often you need to change your heat pump’s air filter. Be sure to replace a disposable filter or vacuum and clean a washable version regularly.
     Set a reminder or check your filter periodically. If you notice your filter is dirty or dusty, change it. You may need to change your filter more frequently if you have pets or are prone to allergy symptoms.
     A dirty filter does more than negatively impact your indoor air quality (IAQ) and health—it can push your heat pump into overdrive and damage important parts and components, eventually leading to complete system failure. Change your filter to prevent it from clogging and ensure your heat pump runs efficiently.
  • Act as soon as you detect a problem with your heat pump: Whether you notice your system turning off and then starting up again (short-cycling) or you feel hot and cold spots in different areas of your home, don’t delay calling a professional.
     The more you prolong addressing an issue—no matter how big or small—the quicker it can progress and lead to a more expensive repair. If you want to avoid a major breakdown this summer, have even the slightest of problems, including loose parts, handled ahead of time.
  • Evaluate your monthly utility costs: Track your utility costs and focus on how much your cooling costs are each month. If you notice they are increasing at an alarming rate, there could be an underlying problem with your heat pump. Let a trusted Bryant HVAC dealer inspect your equipment and correct any issues for you.

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